OK, this is a REALLY BAD review of the lip bloom product, if it’s even still called Lip Bloom. You see, when I first started investigating lip plumpers about two years ago, there weren’t too many promising ones, until I came across the Lip Bloom website, which sells two things – the Lip Bloom cream which is applied at night and the roll on gloss with a cinnamon flavor for daytime, called Lip Lush.Everything about this product did not work. The gloss sort of worked in making my lips LOOK a little bigger due to its high shine, but the enhancement cream I put on my lips at night did absolutely nothing. Nada. Not only that, but the only reason I even bought the two products was because of the convincing testimonials and before and after pictures posted on their website – all of which were STOLEN from plastic surgery sites of women who had various lip augmentation procedures.

Yeah, totally not cool. I actually happened across two of the exact same pictures on plastic surgery sites, so I’m not imagining it. To make a long story short, I wrote the company that I thought the product was a fraud, and never heard back. I checked and the website is still up, so I’m not sure if anyone else was thinking about buying the products or not.

You want one that works – try Lip Fusion