I just read and watched a video about a new nonsurgical technique that plastic surgeons are using that is supposed to spot reduce fatty areas on the body, like love handles and excess fat on the thighs, belly, and other spots that are common for problems to emerge for women and men.  The video I watched was featured as a news spot about a woman who had the treatments done to help spot reduce her “muffin top”, which is the sides of the belly the overflow from your pants, creating that dreaded muffin top effect that is now such a buzzword.

It’s really an interesting procedure because it doesn’t look like it would really do much of anything.  When they showed the woman getting the lipolaser treatment done to her midsection, she was fully clothed, and a laser that took the shape of windmills on her dress in her abdominal area kind of rotated up and down and back and forth, over her clothes. 

It was a red laser light, and it’s supposedly a cool laser technique that is newly being used for spot fat reduction after it was discovered that a laser can not only help melt fat internally (smart lipo), but it can also help the body melt (destroy) fat cells when utilized from the outside, and nonsurgically, and then the body’s own lymphatic system is supposed to rid the body of the destroyed fat cells. 

While I admit that such a simple procedure looks intriguing for those that want to spot reduce fat on their body, it is pricey, and it does require about five sessions, which usually run anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 dollars total.  Also, it does not work for everyone, so there is a chance that either it may not work for you or that you may not get the results you want to get.  They did studies to see if this had any effect on the cholesterol levels of those who had the treatments, since it does release fat cells from the body, and so far it looks like it may in fact help cholesterol in some way as well, but those results are not yet totally conclusive.  At any rate, it had me intrigued! 

It’s called lipolaser, and you can read about it online if you just google lipolaser.  The company, Meridian, who manufactures this laser has some good information on the web about it.