I said a few days ago how I was going to be doing a little experiment on doing your own body wraps “on the cheap” in your own home using simple medical Ace bandages which can purchased dirt cheap online and in stores, and a high quality cellulite treatment cream in combination.  The theory behind this is that the compression, combined with the herbal ingredients that actually tone and firm skin, will help to smooth out the lumps and bumps on the rear end, thighs and tummy, even if only temporarily. 

Well, the reason I got this idea was because I recently went and had a thermal or infrared body wrap, by a company called Formostar, that I believe is based in Germany.  Well, to clear that up, they are the  manufacturers of the product I was treated with, but I actually went and got it done in a tanning salon called Northcoast Tanning, which I highly recommend – great service, great pricing, and quality, in nearby Stow Ohio, where I live. 

I was surprised to see that this was one of the only locations in all of Ohio that offered this seemingly effective weight loss and body sculpting treatment, but to be honest I only found out about it by stumbling upon it while searching for my sister online to find a location around me that she could get a body wrap done while she was in town from California.  I was glad I did stumble on it, because when I did a little more research online about the Formostar wrap system, I found that the logic behind it made sense. 

Although the treatments are admittedly pricey, if it works, it could be a great jump start for anyone looking to lose inches or loose cellulite and regain smoothness.  The therapy I am having actually involves the infrared body wraps and an endermologie-like system called GX-99 that uses massaging heads to then get the cellulite smoothed out. 

Supposedly, in combination, these two work great to smooth out your rear end and thighs, the typical problem areas that women have and always hate to look at in the mirror – yep even “skinny girls” get it too!  I have yet to have the GX-99 performed, but will be able to once I’ve completed two of the Infrared wraps.  Let me tell you, if you do not like heat, sweating, and saunas, this is not for you. 

The whole idea is to heat the outermost layers of fat on the body to a temperature where the tissue is detoxified, and you will SWEAT like you’ve never sweated before.  I must say, that although I didn’t find the actual treatment to be pleasant (well, the first twenty minutes of the fifty minute treatment are fine, but the last 30 or so are rough because you really are hot), I felt very refreshed, and somehow invigorated afterwards.  I wasn’t drained from the heat and sweating like I thought I would be.  I do feel that it has improved my skin texture after just one treatment, and I feel “detoxed” as well. 

Supposedly, you start to see results sometimes after just two thermal wraps, but we have yet to tell that.  I will keep you posted on the whole experience of course, and then I will also keep you posted on my other cellulite treatment experiment that I’ll be doing on myself at home in the next month or so.