One of my best friends recommended this weird trick to me, and I had heard variations of it before, but never actually tried it.  It’s the old hemorrhoid cream or treatment for facial wrinkles and bags under the eyes trick, which you may also have heard of but never tried.  She said that instead of using the Preparation H ointment or cream under her eyes, she uses the Tucks Medicated Pads, which are primarily used by people to soothe hemorrhoidal tissue in a delicate area.

The thing I didn’t know about Tuck’s pads is that they are primarily just witch hazel, which is a gentle astringent that has been used for years by women and men as a gentle cleansing and toning treatment on the skin.  I’m not sure what this is going to do for my skin, but I bought a 100 pack in a tub of the pads, and I just started using them last night in the morning and at night, under my eyes, to see if over time it makes any difference in my fine lines around my eyes like a good anti aging and wrinkle treatment cream.

So far, it’s only been one day and night as I said, and I can’t tell a difference, but my friend told me that she noticed it after a few weeks.  The reason it came up was that I noticed under her eyes looked more refreshed, and her crow’s feet were less pronounced.  She told me about the Tucks pads she’d been using, so I figured for a six dollar tub of them, how could I lose out?

I’ll report back after a few weeks.  They do feel good running over the face, and instead of washing my face this morning, I just used the pad on my whole face, and noticed that it also picked up some dirt.  My only concern is that I don’t want to dry out the skin under my eyes, so I’m waiting to see how that pans out.  I also will be still applying my wrinkle cream as well, because I want to keep it well hydrated, as my skin under my eyes does tend to dry out very easily which makes the crows feet wrinkles much more pronounced.