I have to admit, I was intrigued when I saw the first informercial-style commercial for Wen hair products over a year ago.  I mean, they got the perfect, most trustworthy woman to be their spokesperson, Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame, how could this grown woman from the most wholesome, iconic show of many thirty-something’s childhood back a product that would be bad – right?  Well, there seem to be a whole lot of very mixed reviews on the line of Wen hair products, some people seem to love it and others think it ruined their hair.

I struggle with products like this because they do seem to work, and work very well for some people, and yet others feel totally ripped off after they buy them and expect to have totally transformed hair and instead are facing worse hair than they had before.  I’m thinking perhaps Wen hair products work best on certain types of hair but maybe there are some types that should not use it, like fine hair.

At any rate, the price charged for the hair product line is pretty high, so one would expect salon quality results when using something that is priced this high. Some of their kits run about fifty bucks and can go up to one hundred dollars.  One of the other complaints I read about Wen hair products is that the size of the containers is tiny for what you pay and they felt they didn’t really get their money’s worth.  Others did not like the strong smell of the shampoo. 

I agree with the basis behind Wen, which is that is supposedly does not contain any harsh detergents in it like most commercial (and salon) shampoos.  This is a great concept, I’m just not sure how to get something to work without some sort of detergent so that the shampoos can lather, which to me seems to make the conditioner work a bit better.  I do advocate staying away from shampoos that lather up a lot though, I’d suggest sticking to moisturizing formulas, which should only provide a bit of lather. 

A higher lather (more bubbles) when you are putting the shampoo in and mushing it around in your hair, usually means that the shampoo contains more harsh detergent-like ingredients, and those types should also be avoided, however I think a moderate lather might be required to actually get the hair and scalp clean. See our hair care product reviews page for more info on what I have used that I feel works best.